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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Pros and Cons of living in Ecuador. The Government. April 2015.

The Government in Ecuador (Pros):
Police force in Ecuador is not for reinforcing economical measures as it used in US. They are more like friendly presence unless there are protests. Police in Ecuador can be brutal dealing with protesters.
If police drive by and see food stand on street they might stop to eat there, not to ask about license to operate.  

Ecuador has different criminal justice system than US. The United States system of case law and statutes based on English Common Law. Latin American(Ecuador included) system of law enforcement based on Napoleonic System. The difference: In Ecuador - no undercover operations, no asset seizures without charges against a person, the very act of committing a crime is the basic requirement for the initiation of prosecutorial action.

The Government in Ecuador (Cons):
Bureaucracy in Ecuador exploded after 2007, for example, Registro Civil used to have just a few customer service windows, now it has 63.
The law is dissimilar in Ecuador (see above) and legal matters you take for granted in USA don't exist, or played differently, or hard to comprehend, or not easy to get here.
The police force won't protect you and your private property in Ecuador: reporting petty crime to the police is useless.
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