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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Pros and cons of living in Ecuador. The People. April 2015.

People in Ecuador (pros):
Ecuadorians are not aggressive. They are friendly and more relaxed, they are more likely to accept you as a friend than, for example, average Minnesotan. They are not going to call police or social service on your kid walking alone on the street, or sitting for a moment in a car alone, or being home alone. If you have party past 10 p.m. they are not going to call police either.  
My neighbor, Ecuadorian middle class woman has my apartment's keys, I have hers. We have close enough relationship to get together once in a while for cup of tea or glass of wine and "venting session". Our relationship is civilized and mutually beneficial.

In my 15 years in Minneapolis I lived in three different places, all white middle class neighborhoods. The best I had with my neighbors were neutral "hi-bye" relationship. Once my neighbors called a management company on my than ten years old son for climbing the tree at the apartment complex compound. My son was banned from going outside.  Another time they called police at 10:05 p.m. for me having party on Friday night.

People in Ecuador (cons):
As a gringo you stand out, you are the minority now - among people with different physique and mentality than yours. Large size clothing is hard to find, quality shoes are also hard to find. You have to get used to "mañana" concept and seeing men peeing in public, among other differences.
Ecuador is one of the worst when it comes to theft. They’ll rob tourists and each other.

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