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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Quito, Ecuador. April 2015.

I have to admit, when I discovered 
forum in 2006, I was asking questions as well. One of my questions was "Can I buy an apartment in Quito for $30K". I received the answer: "No, you cannot, the prices are up, there are no properties for $30K in Quito. Well, I bought my first apartment for $20K in 2007.

Forum's Newbies Beware: there are few types of people,most likely, to answer your questions. Some sound like a government's agents, they'll ask you if you have means to do your residency visa? what you are escaping from? what will you do to support yourself in Ecuador? do you know Spanish? and ---quote "shame on you" or "BooHoo-you" end of quote--- for buying IESS - government sponsored medical insurance in Ecuador. Their opinion that gringos who buy IESS medical insurance stealing medical resources from the poor locals. 
Often, their conclusion is that you better stay in your home country.
Well, lots and lots of Latino Americans, including Ecuadorians, live illegally in USA and milking the system in USA without approval and "shame on you" of righteous people. "They" can take advantage of your "first world country system", but you can't take advantage of theirs, even if you are not a freeloader, you actually pay, you BUY an IESS insurance?   

Some people just make fun of your questions, turn it upside down and tell you that you cannot: make money in Ecuador, you will take jobs from the locals, no, you cannot open a business, you cannot do this and that, stay home.
Again, lots and lots of immigrants in USA, legal and illegal, take jobs from locals in USA. In downtown Minneapolis, for example, if you are not Mexican, you won't be accepted for an office cleaning jobs.  
So, now what? "They" can take jobs from you and you cannot take it from "them"?  

The only forum I know that is more "civilized" - InterNations Quito forum. The worst that can happen there - your question won't be answered.  

Of course, it's much more interesting to read "not-so-polite" forums, than courteous ones. So, keep asking, I'll have my fun reading.

Part two: Asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Young adults in their mid-20s and early 30s asking questions on Ecuador expats forums. Quito, Ecuador. June 2015.

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