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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Elementary and High school Education in Ecuador. March 2015.

In US, quality of K12 education depends where you live, if you live in a good neighborhood, the schools will be good as well. However, no matter, if school is good or bad, K12 education in US is free. 
Not so in Ecuador. Children from poor families have chance to get to free (for parents), government sponsored (fiscal) school. My hairdresser's son goes to fiscal school, children of our apartment building concierge also attend fiscal school. However, my once-per-month maid pays $45 per month for her daughter elementary school (from first to six grade) and $65 per month for her son's high school(seventh - 12th grade).
Middle class families has to pay anywhere between $150 and $400 per month per child for K12 education. My neighbor pays $250 per month for her daughter elementary school.
Upper middle class spend in between $500 and $1000(or more) per month per child, just to attend classes in the good school.
And there is Academia Cotopaxi where education cost up to $2000 per month.

In Ecuador kids wear uniform to school, cost of uniform (clothing to attend classes and clothing for sport) is in between $150 and $300 per child per year.
School bus cost is in between $20 and $100 per child per month.

If you are moving to Ecuador with your children, you better have money for their education, lots of money. Their future depends on how much money you pay for their schooling and who (most likely) they became as adults: poor, middle or upper class.

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