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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ecuador Permanent Resident Visas - new requirement. Quito, Ecuador. March 2015.

For residency application, for applicants from countries with a federal government, they must provide two types of criminal background checks. One from the State or Province and the other from the National or Federal entity. Both reports must be apostille, if the country is part of the Hague Treaty. If it is not part of the treaty they need to be legalized at an Ecuadorian Consulate.

From Expat Exchange Ecuador forum
Have anyone obtained a U.S. background check lately? Anyone know how long it takes to get it and then apostilled? Looking at the FBI website it said it takes 14-16 weeks to get the report. I am planning to apply for the investment visa.

The FBI background check can be more quickly processed using the FBI approved channelers available on the FBI website, The channelers help speed the process as they are used for the purpose of background checks and not for criminal prosecution and therefore shorten the time needed.

Get an FBI channeler from their web site. I got a certified Background check in 11 days. Over nighted to SOS (Secretary of State- LB) in DC waiting for apostolle. 

Those are new requirements and perhaps they are back checking with the FBI report yes, even with 5 years residency ...if you are changing your status you need the FBI report. Same in GYE at least if you are getting a new cedula when yours expires according to a friend with exactly that issue.

Here is a link to the Ecuador Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana where you may find the answers to your questions.
There are different requirements for different types of VISAS.

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