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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teaching English in Ecuador. February 2015.

From ExpatExchange Ecuador forum
......I was hired form the US with a 12-8 visa to work at a public university in Tungurahua earning around $2000 a month. They didn't pay my salary in 4 month and I had to face some sort of xenophobia from some faculty and administration. Universities in Ecuador are poorly organized, chaotic and Ecuadorian English teachers feared outsiders because these individuals are not able to speak English properly. Finally I moved to Univ Luis Vargas Torres of Esmeraldas. It was worst. University personnel (janitors) threatened to kill me because I reported some bullying. I went to fiscalia, to report this maniac and they treated me worst because I was a foreigner and they are all friends in this small city. It took 4 month to get paid, I didn't receive all my salary by the way.....
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I have taught in Ecuador for more than a decade. I have taught at three universities, a high school, and an English Institute. As stated earlier, it is imperative to do your homework.

The Ministerio de Educación in recent years has tightened regulations for teachers. All teachers at superior levels should have their degrees registered with Senescyt. If you weren't asked to do this, that is a clue than the institution was not reputable.
What kind of visa were you on? If you were not on a visa that allowed you to work, or if you did not have SRI approved facturas, then that may be why they didn't pay you, and it may be that they did that on purpose to avoid paying you.

$2K is an exorbitant salary in most areas. I have been teaching for ten years, have a teaching certificate from an Ecuadorian university, and a US degree registered with Sensecyt and do not make near that much. There are some institutions who lie like this, hire folks without proper documentation to work, then refuse to pay them. When the teacher quits, they start the cycle again. Voila! Native English speaking teachers for free. I worked for one of these in 2008. Unfortunately for them, they didn't realize, I had a cedula. After three months with no pay, and three kids to feed, I sat down in the finance office waiting room and loudly announced that I wouldn't leave until I got paid. It took a half hour, but I got a check.

P.S. Sorry, just re-read and noticed you were on the work visa. That visa legally requires a contract. Did you file a complaint with the labor ministry that they had broken the contract by not paying you? They can face some pretty hefty fines for that.
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