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Friday, February 6, 2015

Renter's review of 3br/1bth La Ronda monthly rental in Quito. February 2015.

What a lovely stay I had in Quito Ecuador. This beautiful apartment felt like home from the first step inside.  It includes everything you need to have an enjoyable stay.  The beds are so comfortable you almost hate to get up in the morning!  Better than what I had at home I might add.

A beautiful walk that takes less than 10 minutes to go into the amazing to visit, historical area of Quito.  The walk is only about 10 minutes at first, but once you get your hiking muscles built up....5.  the apartment is close to any kind of shop you're looking for and, only a few more minutes and you're at Plaza Grande where the Presidential Palace sits.
You can catch a bus just down the hill from the apartment that will take you up to Northern Quito where there is a large Mega Maxi shopping Center (where you find more American food products etc..) and just around the corner from there is Qui Central, which is a huge Mega Mall!  A lot of "high end" shops there.....anything you're looking for can be found at Qui Central!

A little knowledge of Spanish is good.  There aren't many English speaking shop owners in the Historical area, which is much more traditional than the Northern part of Quito which is Americanized.  I loved walking the streets, taking photos of the beautiful buildings - the architecture is amazing!  There are also a lot of people in the historical area who wear the more traditional costumes of Ecuador. It's lovely!

The one drawback for me at first was the loud festivities outside the apartment on Friday and Saturday night.....when I first arrived it went on until 2:00am, both Friday and Saturday nights, but after a month and a half, I noticed they were shutting down at midnight!  Thankfully!   Some would enjoy it - actually some of it I did enjoy especially the "pan flute" band... Beautiful!  But when there are 3 bands or 2 bands and a comedian all playing and talking at once over the microphones....YIKES.... Guess I'm getting old.....
The back bedroom is the best as far as cushioning the noise.......ear plugs help - and sleeping pills are great!

All in all I would snatch up this apartment in a moment's notice if I decide to visit Quito again!  It's safe and secure, convenient and comfortable!

Faye from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Stayed in La Ronda condo in October, November, December 2014 and January 2015.

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