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Monday, January 26, 2015

Update: How to exchange $100s and $50s for smaller denominations in Quito, Ecuador. January 2015.

Update as of January 2015
If you have cedula but you are not naturalized Ecuadorian citizen, you are required now to fill in declaration and have copy of your cedula ready.
If you tourist, make a copy of main page of your passport and be ready to fill in declaracion as well.

here are images of declaracion

Update as of summer 2014Banco Central del Ecuador has limit exchanging large denominations for smaller ones - foreigners can exchange $200 per month per person. If you have Ecuadorian cedula there is no limit (or so they say)

If you arrive in Quito with cash in large denominations, $100s and $50s, you are in trouble because not many businesses accept them. Even supermarkets in Quito are very reluctant and conditional to accept $100s.
The best way of exchanging $100s and $50s for smaller denominations in Quito is to go to the Banco Central del Ecuador.
Before entering, remove sunglasses and hat, if you wear any. Upon entrance there is metal detector. When you are inside, ask for assistance to obtain "turno", your turn in a line. Waiting area is equipped with large screen showing "turno" served and comfortable chairs.
Prepare your passport, you have to give your passport first, then money. If you are not too fluent in Spanish you can write down how you want to exchange these $100s bills.
Hours: Monday -Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Dirección: Av. Diez de Agosto N11-539 y Briceño (trolley stop Banco Central)

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