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Thursday, January 15, 2015

FBI requirement for professional visa in Ecuador. January 2015.

From Expat Exchange Ecuador forum
"Hi, a friend of mine submitted her entire file for her Prof Visa in December 2014. It went through 2 rounds of revision in December. Now, in January, she received another email stating that she now needs an FBI background check. I read on this forum a few days ago that this is a new requirement (whereby before one could use a letter from their local police department). Can someone tell me when this new law took effect, and where it is stipulated. Obviously, she would like to argue that she submitted her file prior to the new requirement. We are in Quito. THANK YOU for any guidance."

"A bit will depend on where she filed and if she used a facilitator, which one she chose.If she used Dana Cameron in Guayaquil, and presented a Police report with her file, she will be okay. Dana is in communication with the attorney who handle the process in Guayaquil and as recently as Monday had confirmed that those she had handled and handed in prior to November 25, 2014 would be honored with the police report.

If your friend has been working out the Cuenca office, they have been requiring FBI reports for longer than the "change" or rather enforcement of the FBI report requirement -- over a year. And now they are requesting a STATE police report as well. Reason: so many USA Expats and too many were showing up with felonies in states where they previously lived -- like a stalker in Montana or tax evasion in NJ can only imagine.

If you are using Maite Duran, her office is in Cuenca but she processes everything through Quito -- and Quito is specifically requiring all of her files to have both FBI and State.

Now one other thing to mention to your friend, and this is something Dana Cameron will insist on: Make sure that all of the USA notary stamps have been done correctly and legally. That means before a notary public licensed in the state to take oaths, that the notary sees the person signing the document, records it in the book and that it is being stamped in the state where the notary has the legal notary license. Don't use a notary by cam, don's use anyone's expedited services -- and never every have someone here in Ecuador use their stamp for you when they are here (it is very easy to see if a person is in Ecuador -- they simply check that Migratorio computer --)

If your friend is in Ecuador they can still get documents notarized with a USA notary stamp at the Embassy in Quito or the Consulate in Guayaquil -- costly yes, but there is never a question it is a legal stamp."

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