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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taxi dancers (dance partners for hire) available in Quito, Ecuador. December 2014.

A taxi dancer a dancing partner available for a fee.
quote from wiki
Taxi dancer is hired to dance with their customers. When taxi dancing first appeared in taxi-dance halls during early 20th-century America, male patrons would buy dance tickets for ten cents each. When a patron presented a ticket to a chosen taxi dancer, she would dance with him for the length of a single song. The taxi dancers would earn a commission on every dance ticket earned. Though taxi dancing has for the most part disappeared in the United States, it is still practiced in some other countries.
end of quote

In Quito I can recommend Julio Benitez, Tango and Salsa instructor & taxi-dancer.

Tango Taxi-Dancing:
$35 one hour
$60 two hour
$75 three hour

Salsa Taxi-Dancing
$25 one hour
$45 two hours
$60 three hours

These prices do not include taxi dancer entrance fee (to the dancing establishment) and/or minimum consumption, which are charged to the client.

contact info: cell 09 85 96 55 80
Julio can recommend female taxi dancers.

Introductory price for new customers with promo code "LILLY"
first two hours $40

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