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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Living in a small village or outskirt area of town, somewhere in Ecuador. December 2014.

From Expat Exchange Ecuador forum 
Living in a small village or outskirt area of town ... somewhere in Ecuador...
Would love to hear from someone renting in outskirts/small town where the nights are truly quiet, the air and water clear. How to find a rental? How to get vegetarian groceries, etc.? How to be a good neighbor to the people living there?

You need to be specific of what size a small town is. The smaller the town, the less likely a gringo lives there or will communicate with you because there is no internet probably. The smaller the town, the less of everything infrastructure wise there is.....and probably the less likely it will be that you will want to live there. Most gringos don't live in the "outskirts" or in small towns. Most don't have cars and the further from town the more the need for a car arises.

As you depart larger to more medium sized towns it VERY rapidly turns VERY rural with hundreds of small to tiny towns. No supermarkets, no apartments, mostly poorer older adobe housing, small rustic medical clinics etc. Water is not drinkable safe in MOST of Ecuador but even less likely the more rural you go. HIGH poverty. Living alone in a small rural town can be risky! No security, little or no police!

Quiet is somewhat unique and rare....Ecuadorians love their families and party hard and often. Roosters crow ALL over the place. (he forgot to mention dogs barking everywhere, day and night -LB)
Healthcare is quite good, affordable and available in larger cities but drops drastically the more rural you get. 

I'm not trying to rain on your parade....but this isn't like "small town" Massachusetts at all.
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