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Monday, December 29, 2014

In Ecuador, your well being is your own responsibility. Part four. Quito, December 2014.

Customer service in Ecuador is structured somewhat differently than in US.
CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT in Ecuador. Not at all right, sometimes.
Government's, banks, utilities, etc offices are extremely bureaucratic and not too efficient. They almost never going to tell you ALL requirements right away, they would rather send you for more and more paperwork along the process and if you are demanding and/or rude there are chances you won't be served or you rather have problems than solutions from the establishment. At some government's offices (Registro Civil, for example) you can be fined and jailed for being obnoxious. 
When you are dealing with private business - it's in your best interest, if you want to receive service, to be patient and cordial, they may reject you and your money if you are not.
In Ecuador, there are no Better Business Bureau or Small-claims courts to complain.
You are on your own and you better behave yourself - foreign concept for many citizens of so-called "first world"  countries.

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