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Saturday, December 13, 2014

In Ecuador, your well being is your own responsibility. Part three. Quito, December 2014.

In Ecuador, your well being is your own responsibility. Sound simple, but it's a foreign concept for some people from US and Canada. 
There is no illusion here in Ecuador that the police will protect private property. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Looting and arson, however, is practically impossible in Quito. Apartment buildings, churches, houses, office buildings, etc, built with concrete (concrete will not burn) and are almost all fenced/walled. Sometimes there are electric fences, broken glass, metal spikes and other serious anti-climb measures on top of the fences and walls. Private armed security are everywhere: in the stores, apartment buildings, offices. Small businesses have metal gates or shutters over the doors and windows.   

Ecuador even has different criminal justice system than US. The United States system of case law and statutes based on English Common Law. Latin American(Ecuador included) system of law enforcement based on Napoleonic System. The difference: In Ecuador - no undercover operations, no asset seizures without charges against a person, the very act of committing a crime is the basic requirement for the initiation of prosecutorial action.

If you are looking for safety, Ecuador is not for you, Quito is not a safe city either: sidewalks are uneven, pick-pocketing, purse-snatching and bag slashing, robbery, and hotel room theft happen. These types of crimes are generally preventable with a bit of knowledge and vigilance and seldom involve any violence. Watch yourself when walking and aggressively apply common sense.

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You can find more tips here

As for me, I love Quito, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I am in charge of my own safety and I love it.

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