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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In Ecuador, your well being is your own responsibility. Part one. Quito, November 2014.

In Ecuador, your well being is your own responsibility. Sound simple, but it's a foreign concept for some people from US and Canada. 
It is your own duty to stay warm in your rental in Quito, not your landlord's or weather's or utility's company - really!
Quito entices you with mild days and cool nights almost year round; its average yearly temperature is 64 degrees, with 55 the average at night and 78 at noon for most of the year.
end of quote

Buildings in Quito: offices, houses, apartments buildings, are built using concrete and they don't have neither air-conditioning, nor heating, the flooring is mostly either laminated, hardwood or tiled.
You know what this mean - oftentimes its colder inside than outside.
When you coming to Quito for extended period of time, to wonder around, to work, to study, whatever - make sure you pack warm lounging clothing, sweatpants, sweatshirts,  flannel pajamas and warm slippers - think about what you can sleep in rather than looking stylish.If you like to sleep with minimal clothing - pack electrical throw or blanket.

Forget about shorts, short skirts and sandals. Layers, layers, layers - it's what you need!
When Quiteños go to work in the morning, they wear boots or closed-toe shoes with socks, jackets, vests, pants. Because its cold inside of the offices, in the class rooms, etc. 

You are not in tropics and Ecuador is not in Africa!
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