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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meeting Local Women In Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador. September 2014.

Interesting discussion from ExpatExchange Ecuador forum
How do retired (50-years +) retired expats meet "age appropriate" local women, away from the Night Club scenes?
Just show up and be breathing.
The best way to meet them online; or
Several of my friends have met their wives that way. This way you can start a conversation via video, send pictures and interests. It really works. The downside of meeting and hooking up with a local girl is you may be supporting her family later on or partially.
....the nice Ecuadorian women I know would not go on a web site to meet Gringo men. They just wouldn't. Culturally, it's somewhat inappropriate. The women who do this are usually economically strapped, desperate, or want to improve their position economically. Looking for love in just the right places.
If you can meet women in normal circumstances, then you will have a better chance of meeting normal women. Cafes, movies, park benches, through friends, parties and so on. It is not hard. Ecuadorian woman are not shy when they are single.....
I met my wife on colombiacupid in 2008 July. She moved in with me in November 2008 and we have been together ever since. She just got her green card a few days ago. She preferred to live in Panama but now in USA and likes it. We plan to live a number of months in Ecuador and USA since I have a place there. She is 30 years old and I am 65.
I am getting younger every day by stealing her youth. She does not want kids and does not insist I support her family. What a wonderful world.
So I feel that I am an expert in this subject and find it a serious subject.  Good luck.
P.S. Getting along with a younger woman is the same as an older woman except the fights are different. The main question is can she accept your baggage because you surely have some.
I too have experience in this situation. Just to be clear, you are advocating Latin women as great wives and you have known this young lady from start to finish, all of 8 years. According to your posts, you have raised her standard of living substantially. She has also acquired her green card through you, and now, she wants you to relocate back to the states. You were once retired.
However, since you are growing younger by the minute, you will also have plenty of energy to attend to her increasing material needs. Remember, she is only 30 and the US has much to offer those who've always been without. Love isn't happy enough here anymore, love wants to relocate to an even better standard of living. 
You say Latin women are not "spoiled" like American women. Yes, they wear the fact that they have not had appliances like a badge of honor. Nevertheless, in every situation I have witnessed, this patiently changes and "needing more" becomes part of being happy. 

There are exceptions, I am assuredly positive. But generalizations usually exist for a reason.

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