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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The cost of a vet visit in Quito, Ecuador. September 2014.

My once-per-month maid cleaned my apartment recently and the same day my westie, Sashka, was licking his paws excessively to the point he couldn't step on them.
We went to the vet and he suggested that Sashka might be allergic to the cleaning substances that end up on his paws.
Sashka received injection and the vet recommended one of the below
1) to change cleaning chemicals
2) to decrease amount of chemicals
3) isolate Sashka when using these chemicals
he also proposed to use holistic remedy called "Matico Aqua" to prevent irritation.

The cost of a vet visit - $20
In 2013 the cost of a vet visit was $17, in 2010 - $15.  

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