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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crime in Ecuador VS crime in other countries. Quito,Ecuador. August 2014.

On Tuesday, August 12 2014, an American expat couple experienced a home invasion, robbery and the wife was kidnapped and taken from Vilcabamba to Cuenca.
Both of them suffered multiple bruises and swelling from being bound as well as struggling with the kidnappers.  She suffered bruises and mild contusions on her face, in addition to bruises on her arms, wrists, and legs and a broken foot.  

It's a matter of comparison, there were similar case in the beginning of 2000s in Quito. Some Russian guy befriended Russian family who just arrived to Ecuador. He got an impression that the family had money and killed them to get access to the money. At least "Vilcabamba couple" is alive. They are lucky that their "good friends" weren't some criminal Russians.

When I reported Vilcabamba story to my daughter who lives in Minneapolis, she mentioned accident that recently happened there.
"Two 21-year-old men are in critical condition after allegedly being lured by women to a location in Fridley, Minn.
Police say the two were at Two Stooges Sports Bar in Fridley until 2 a.m. Saturday morning. They met two women who asked them for a ride to the area of University Avenue and Mississippi Street. When they arrived, two men ambushed McCollum and Yani and stabbed them multiple times before taking off with the women.
McCollum was only able to provide a limited description of the suspects due to his injuries. The victims were taken to the intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where they both remain in critical condition."
As far as I understand, Vilcabamba couple not in intensive care and not in critical condition, they are lucky that their aggressors were not from certain "hoods" of Minneapolis MN.

Ecuadorians are not as aggressive as some people of other countries. Even in a crime scene Ecuadorian criminals would give their victims a break. Just compare these three stories.   

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