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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prohibitions and restrictions. Quito, Ecuador. July 2014.

For the last 100 years, some governments of so-called democratic countries (and not only "democratic") killed tens of millions people - wars, genocides and mass murders.
Meanwhile they (gov-s) treat their population as a clueless idiots who has to be controlled and watched from the birth to death and told what to do with their own bodies and lives. "Harm" can only be sanctioned by the government, you cannot do "harm" to yourself without legal consequences. 
Since 2007 Ecuador joined this trend, fortunately, only the part of treating population as a clueless idiots. 
I remember in 2006, my first visit to Quito, I was sitting inside of some mall with my Russian girlfriend and she was smoking - inside of the mall!!!. I was thinking - wow, this country is as free as it can be. 
By 2008 it was prohibited to smoke inside, but you could still smoke at the open terrace in Quicentro food court, for instance. Not anymore.

I don't smoke, but I understand if government starts to prohibit, it never stops. I prefer second hand smoke to government restrictions.

In 2010 the government here established restrictions on a sale of alcohol, among many other restrictions implemented since 2007.
One of the latest restrictions includes limiting the number of cellular telephones that an individual can bring into the country.

I use the Club Correo since 2011 and list of restrictions getting longer with each passing month.
Club Correo Ecuador is a specialized service that allows users who make purchases over the internet, to obtain a physical address in Miami and receive merchandise in Ecuador.

Here is list of prohibited items listed on their website, besides items below you cannot receive vitamins and any kind of pills now as well.
1. Artículos Explosivos
2. Animales
3. Joyas (jewelry)
4. Armas de Fuego
5. Cerámicas
6. Vidrio (glass)
7. Combustible
8. Explosivos
9. Celulares
10. Otros artículos prohibidos de ser importados
11. Artículos usados. (used items)
12. Dinero, cheques, tarjetas de crédito
13. Teléfonos inalámbricos con tecnología DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecomunications)
14. Ropa que ingrese al país sin etiquetas se considera usada, que es un artículo de prohibida importación

The latest Club Correo restriction - name on invoice (for the ordered goods) and name on the Club Correo account has to be the same.  Before - nobody cared.
Their next move - Ecuador plans to implement a tax for online purchases from abroad, they'll tax packages going to Ecuador through Club Correo.
Ecuador is now officially a part of the worldwide trend: the population can be abused by the government, but (among many other no-nos) cannot have their morning coffee with cigarette in the cafe or restaurant in Quito, no buying beer on Sunday at Megamaxi, no ordering jewelry from to Ecuador either. Qué pena!

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