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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pet ownership in Ecuador VS other countries. Quito, Ecuador. July 2014.

My neighbor's daughter, Leslie, adores Sashka, my westie terrier. However being 10 years old she plays rough with him sometimes. During the course of three years Sashka bit her few times, he has never broken skin but still. Her mother, Grace, lectures Leslie about treating the dog more gently, treats the "wound" and the play continue.

When I mentioned this to my daughter, who is living in US, she remarked that for this "crime of biting the children" Sashka would be put to sleep in US. My neighbors were terrified when I told them about these potential harsh measures.
I started to think about pet ownership difference: Ecuador VS USA.
Veterinarian services are much cheaper.
Pet owner here in Ecuador doesn't have to pay any license to the city hall and there are no regulations for number of pets allowed per household.
Lots of associations allow pet ownership in Ecuador VS USA where in most apartment buildings pets not permitted. In Quito dogs are everywhere, on the roofs, in the windows, behind the fences.
Grass around most apartment buildings (or on the streets) is not chemically treated, so it is less health hazard for pets.
May be it sounds strange or funny, but pets have more personal freedom in Ecuador. When I lived in Centro Historico I saw dogs roam the streets and at night going home, the same here in North Quito.
Sometimes in little tienda cats or dogs "work" along with the owner and apparently it is not a problem for anyone. In a CafeLibro  where I have tango lessons there are few cats and sometimes they observe what is going on during lunch time or tango sessions.

Life for pets and their owners is easier and cheaper in Ecuador than in so-called "First World" countries.

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