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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Expats opinion of Cuenca, Manta, Baños, Vilcabamba. Ecuador, July 2014.

From Expat Exchange Ecuador forum - Expats opinion of different cities in Ecuador.
About Vilcabamba
--I can only relate my opinion of is a small town about an hour from Loja which is a medium sized town about 3 to 4 hours from Cuenca. It is dryer (usually) and a little warmer (usually). It is usually referred to as a "hippie town" meaning more backpackers, and more spiritual healer free spirited types. (not all but more than usual) There is less of most things that we would want on a day to day basis. You can get what you's just not as easy. Internet, medical, groceries, pharmacies etc etc simply get less and less the more rural you get.

A concern I have witnessed....and heard of...which can be a problem is there have been incidents over the years of friction between the locals and the gringos. This is caused by too many gringos within too small of a town. This can happen anywhere but has or is happening there.

If you like it VERY slow, VERY quiet and MORE's a very pretty small town.

About Manta
--My husband and I have lived here in Manta for 4 years now. It is the largest city on the coast. We like it for the city amenities as opposed to the other towns along the coast which are mostly fishing villages with a few tiendas & restaurants. We are on the coast mainly for the ocean & the weather - warm year round and very little rain. My husband started a website on Manta because he needed something to do here in his retirement years. The site is
There is great information on Manta and Ecuador in general. And if you have more questions about our area, he would be glad to answer you. - just send him an email on the website.

About Baños
--If you look at my blog you'll see a lot of my thoughts on Baños plus pictures. I've really taken to it.
--Banos has a constant party life of which you can partake of or ignore, lots of things to do, many expats or at least gringo tourists are always around, beautiful scenery, and it has the wonderful climate you've been describing but without the chill of Cuenca or its attitude, I mean Altitude.
Problem is...the volcano. But, you know, there's a risk everywhere. I would rent in Baños but never buy. I assume that volcanoes would affect property values.

About Cuenca
--You will find no other place in Ecuador quite like Cuenca. This is a diverse city in so many ways. There is plenty to do and you don't need to be a party animal. Many active clubs, volunteer programs, cultural activities, museums, great restaurants at all monetary levels, wonderful people both native and expats and a great climate. The saying is that it's a city where there is the possibility you could experience all the seasons in one day. It's a city that also has great doctors, great dentists and several great hospitals. My lady friend loves the beach so we take a journey to the coast every two months. We believe Cuenca offers the best of all worlds.
--I often observe in Cuenca that the air, day and night, is like the conditioned air other cities have to create inside air conditioned spaces. Not just the temps, the humidity too. It is just right and to me perfect also for sleeping. Fans are not used much. Little heaters are not common either. Upper 40s to upper 60s day and night year in year out.
----Now as far as weather goes, Ecuador is right on the equator, no matter where you go in the country it is very close to the equator, meaning it gets the most direct sun than anywhere else in the world. The only thing preventing it from being scorching hot in Cuenca is the altitude. The high altitude is what gives you dry, cool weather. Any place in Ecuador with similar weather will be like that because of the high altitude.

--So to be clear, the answer to your original question (are there other towns that have any kind of civilization and/or the same kind of weather as Cuenca?) is that there is no place with the same weather than Cuenca that is not at high altitude.

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