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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ecuador VS other countries.Small business not oppressed by Ecuadorian police and "concern citizens". June 2014

If you follow Ecuadorian job market you probably know that employers here want person with "buena presencia" - whatever it means, college educated, 10 years of experience and 25 - 40 years old. Well, what to do if you are more than 40 years old, with questionable "presencia" and your work experience not up to par?
Luckily in Ecuador one can create job for yourself, which is near impossible now in so called "first world countries" where bureaucracy regulates their subjects to the choking point. Regulations are lethal there, but the most danger are the police force and "concern citizens".
Police is used to shut down small "lemonade stand" type of business and your friendly neighbor would gladly and promptly call the authority to notify them that you are making money outside of their regulations with your "lemonade stand".   
Granted, Ecuador does a lot to oppress the business now days, it successfully almost killed maid profession during last few years with its good intentions, but still they are not so fast as "corporate fascism" of the "first world" countries.
They won't succeed in killing small "food stands" or underground service business, hopefully, because people here are easy going and police, here in Ecuador, is not militarized, very friendly, helpful and not used against small business.

In Quito thousands upon thousands of food cards and parilladas (grills) appear every night at the streets. Most of the time the seller's "presencia" and age are not up to standard, they won't give you receipts and apparently they don't have licenses, but who cares? The food is hot, tasty and cheap. If you only have one dollar or even 50 cents in your packet, you won't be hungry for the night. For $2 it's a feast, add $1 for the beer and we have a party - Viva Ecuador! 

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