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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Advice from Ecuador expats about moving to Ecuador. June 2014.

From ExpatExchange forum: personal experience of Ecuador expats 
NEVER move here without visiting first! Estimates are about 30% leave in their first year for MANY reasons and only about 20% last 5 years for many reasons.
IF you come to the mountains 200% sure your body can handle the altitude!!!!
If your an average or bigger sized gringo, bring lot's of clothing as it's difficult to buy those sizes here.
Don't buy property until you have been here awhile, maybe a year. You don't need to speak Spanish, but you need to try and you need to learn SOME in time. Be friendly, be extroverted and meet as many people (gringo/Ecuadorian) as possible. Don't try to recreate your old life....this isn't Kansas!
Never ship a container before you have your residency visa...NEVER! I know the next comments are not PC(politically correct - LB) but....if you are obese or need walkers, or are somewhat immobile....this is not an easy place to navigate and Ecuador in general not handicapped friendly.
If you are depressed or a 1/2 empty person or have an entitlement attitude, Ecuador is not the best place for you. If you on LOTS of meds....if you need assistance getting in or out of a cab or walking is difficult....Ecuador is not a good place. If you are intolerant and wonder why the Ecuadorians don't speak English....maybe Ecuador is not for you.
If placing your toilet paper in a waste basket isn't your thing....maybe Ecuador isn't. ..
If a small selection of breakfast cereal....if lots of loose stray dogs...if mediocre at best internet....if pot holes in the sidewalk...if men urinating in public virtually anywhere....
If there is a lack of social services designed to do things FOR you....if you think you DESERVE things.....if you can't live with thousands of warning signs saying this or that is dangerous to your health...maybe Ecuador isn't for you!
if you think being an American (British, German , Australian wherever) makes you "special" "better-than" "more entitled" "smarter" "more anything "and that THEY need to change to meet YOUR needs....or that you deserve preferential treatment ...Ecuador is not for you. Nowhere but the US is for you.
Beware of your fellow gringos offering friendship and help...they may be interested only in lining their own pockets at your expense. This is meant to suggest you be especially vigilant for those fellow gringos who offer housing and visa or residency services attached to their "friendship"

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