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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Economic Freedom Rating for Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador. May 2014

I don't know how "they" determine "Economic Freedom Ratings" -
First of all, there is no economic freedom, it doesn't exist.  Government of every country works very hard to suppress it.
At least in Ecuador there are much more small businesses than anywhere in the "first world" or whatever they call themselves now. 
To compare SA and the rest of the world, it's like in a story "Some Things Are Best Done Badly "   

Source: Bill Bonner, author and founder of "Agora", one of the largest independent financial publishers in the world.
Two guys die. A German and an Argentine. Both of them go to hell. But after they've been there for a couple of weeks, the German guy is in a gutter... all bruised... with sores and burns all over his body.
The Argentine still looks pretty good. When the German sees him, he says, 'Hey... how come you're still in good shape? They get us up at 5 a.m.... and the little devils start to torture us by beating us with iron rods. Then, at 8 a.m., they turn us over to the real devils. They whip us with barbed wire and then put cattle prods to our private parts. Then they throw buckets of sh*t on us... and water-board us all afternoon. Aren't you getting the same treatment?
Well, yes,' says the Argentine, 'but you're in the German section of hell. We're in the Argentine section. The rules are the same. But they're not applied in the same way.
The little devils are supposed to get us up at 5 a.m. so they can begin torturing us. But they don't get up that early. And they don't come to work very often. They're all unionized. So they go on strike all the time. And then the real devils are meant to whip us with barbed wire. But there's a shortage of metal... so they don't have any whips.
They put the cattle prods on us sometimes too... but the power doesn't work. Or the cattle prods are missing. Nobody seems to know why. And they're also supposed to throw buckets of sh*t on us too. But sometimes they're out of sh*t... and other times they can't find the buckets.
As for water-boarding, the plumbing isn't working. So they strap us to the rack and pretend to dunk us... and warn us that when they get the plumbing working, we're not going to like it very much.
But so far, it isn't bad. 

End of quote

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