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Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving to Ecuador and bureaucracy. Part four. April 2014.

Let's assume that some married couple from US came to Ecuador and bought property. In case of their death their children have to prove that they are their children to receive rights to the property. Good luck with that, especially if it's married daughter who took her husband name!
The real fun begins when it's not first, but second or third marriage for the couple and each spouse has children.
If you changed your last name due to marriage(s) and your children changed their names - have my sympathy.  It's not going to be easy.   

Do your family a favor: have an Ecuadorian lawyer to write "Declaracion Juridico" (you have to notarize it as well - in Ecuador) stating your children, their birth names and current names and copies of supporting documents, like their passport's main page, copy of their birth certificate and so on.

My friend in US thinking about moving to Ecuador. She checked her documents and it turned out that her marriage certificate has her and her spouse's names spelled incorrectly, besides the certificate itself is issued in Jamaica. They had a beach wedding.
So there are few problems here, first impasse with names, second - how to apostil the marriage certificate? 
Also she wants to buy a property in Ecuador and she has a son from first marriage. Her spouse doesn't have any children.  My friend was born X, became Y after first marriage and after second marriage she is Z. Her son has last name Y.

It will take her a while to get ready to move to Ecuador.     

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