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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving to Ecuador and bureaucracy. Part three. April 2014.

In Ecuador majority of people have two first names and two last names. Their names are the same from birth to death. The children have their parent's names in their cedulas.
Ecuadorian bureaucrats, don't understand the foreign concept of how husband and wife have the same last name, that the name can be changed in a marriage. 
Let's say there are Ecuadorian male and female, they met, fall in love, get married and produced children.
His name: Juan Adam Gonzales Juires
Her name: Maria Eva Suárez Pizales
They didn't change their names when they got married, but they have to receive new cedulas with new marital status and name of the spouse.
If they ever will get divorced they have to receive new cedulas again with new marital status.
In Ecuador husband and wife keep their names they had before marriage, so they are still Juan Adam Gonzales Juires and Maria Eva Suárez Pizales.
Their children, however, have last names Gonzales Suárez.
Here is the difference(one of them anyway) in between the legal system you knew before Ecuador and legal system in Ecuador.

In Ecuador majority of people don't need to have a living will, because there is a law that spells pretty clear in between whom (family members and from bureaucratic point of view, the spouse is NOT considered the family member) the possessions will be divided in case of death. The children have preference and the children have their parent's names in their cedulas.

to be continued

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