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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Moving to Ecuador and bureaucracy. Part two. April 2014.

Ecuadorian cedula states your name, place of birth, birthday, nationality, spouse's name, provided you are married, marital status, father's and mother's names and some other info.
That is a lot of info and data entry clerks tend to make mistakes, most common mistake is misspelling names. However it's up to customer (cedula holder) to fix these mistakes. It takes time and money to resolve issues with all of these names.
Also, Ecuadorian cedula is valid for 12 years, after that it's expired and has to be reissued. When people come over to Registro Civil to have their new cedula - whatever new laws, rules and regulations bureaucracy decided to impose, this is a time for them to reinforce it.

My Russian acquaintance got divorced from her Ecuadorian husband few years ago. They got married back in Russia and she took her husband's name. Well, now she was told she cannot have his name, it is against the new regulations and she has to have her maiden name back.
It means that she has to change her Russian passport(Russian Embassy), get the visa stamp in her new Russian passport (Extranjeria) and receive her new cedula(Registro Civil). She started the process in January, I supposed it was her new year resolution, it's still work in progress, she is still working on a new Russian passport issue.  

to be continued

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