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Friday, April 4, 2014

Moving to Ecuador and bureaucracy. Part one. April 2014.

Before your move to Ecuador you have to check and re-check your documents. You have to make sure that your name on a birth certificate, name on a passport, name on a marriage certificate, divorce decree, whatever else documents you have, are ABSOLUTELY the same. No extra letters, extra spaces,etc.
Prior to 2008 Registro Civil in Quito had two customer service windows. Right now it has 63 customer service windows, plus legal department and plus offices of supervisors. These 63 people work really hard torturing their customers and charging money for this torture.

Here is post from expat Exchange Ecuador forum illustrating my point:
Do you ever get the feeling that the people working at the Civil Registry in C... are a little bit anal about their job? For example, my birth certificate has my first name with the double "L" but all of my other documents, including my passport, ss, drivers license, etc. have my first name without the double letter "L". The difference in Xxxxxll and Xxxxxl. This caused a three month delay on my registration of my "approved" residency while I had to return to USA to get a "new birth certificate" that reflected the correction. A minimal error cost me an additional, at minimum, $2000 to correct after attempting to correct the problem by phone and mail.
In the mean time, a new requirement was implemented that required your divorce papers be apostillized. I was honest and reported my status as "divorced" which required me to get a new "apostilzed" copy of my final decree. Legal fee in US was $200.00. I had the "original notarized and signed by judge decree" but that wasn't good enough. Local attorneys suggested I simple tell them I had never been married previously. I was told "many people lie" thus circumventing the problem.
My advice is play it straight and try to get a "correct" police report from whomever they want it from and file in another city. I have also heard that C... is back-checking all reported "never married" persons to determine if in fact they have lied to obtain their Cedulas and will be enforcing the law to include deportation for lying on an official document. I highly doubt this!
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to be continued

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