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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Trip to Termas Papallacta with my neighbor and her friends. Part one. Life in Ecuador VS other countries. January 2014.

I live in Ecuador since 2008 and still, I cannot stop comparing life here in Quito versus life in Minneapolis Minnesota where I used to live for 15 years. Recently I went along with my neighbor and her friends to spend a day at the Termas Papallacta SPA/pools.
Here are the differences.

I'll start with the weather. I wore jeans, t-shirt and sport jacket. It was nice sunny day in Quito when we took off. Freezing cold in Minneapolis at the end of December.
Price of gas. Although I didn't pay for the gas, neverless,  the gallon of regular gasoline cost $1.49 in Quito. The price of gas in Ecuador didn't move since 2006. It was $1.49 in 2006, it is $1.49 now. What is the price of regular gasoline in MN?    
"On the road" food. We stopped at the supermarket and bought wine. Next to the Termas Papallacta there is little pop-n-mom restaurant where we had lunch. I had whole trucha (trout) with potatoes and salad, $5, glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, $2. While we were waiting for our food to be prepared we ordered appetizers. Plate with boiled ear of corn (not GMO, because it didn't look perfect), chunk of fresh soft farmer cheese and beans, I think they call them avas, but I am not sure. These beans are bigger than regular beans and their color is olive. Plate of appetizer (corn, cheese and beans) $2. We opened our wine and had it with the lunch. Try this in Minneapolis!  
On a way back we stopped at another little no-name cafe and I had big bowl of chicken soup, $3, and empanada with cheese $1. Not many chain restaurants on the road from Quito to Papallacta, food was healthy and relatively cheap.

To Be Continued

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