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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cost of medical care in Quito, Ecuador. January 2014.

General practitioners in Ecuador are not as dangerous and expensive as US doctors. During my 15 years in Minneapolis my doctor(s) twice prescribed me pills I was supposed to take for the rest of my life. Both time I threw away their prescriptions. I educated myself on the issue and implemented lifestyle changes which worked very well for me.
In Quito I don't have medical insurance, I go to the doctor(s) once per year for check up and to do my lab tests, to know what is going on with my 50+ years old body.
I had some health problem recently: respiratory problem and pain in my left leg, calf and foot / ankleI decided to go to Medicina Cuántica, they have pretty good physical therapy department.  

Lab tests the doctor prescribed I did at the Clinica de Osteoporosis.
Dirección: Av. 10 de Agosto 48-68 e Ignacio San María
Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 7:00 a 19:00
Teléfono: (593 2) 2 258 322 / 2 444 266 / 2 456 875
Celular: 0991 637 371

Foot X-Ray (calcaneo 2 posc)   $30
Biometria hematica (201)           $5
sedimentacion         (2155)         $2
glucosa                                       $4.20
asido urico                                  $3.85
colesterol total                            $5
trigliceridos                                  $5
TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone)    $8   
Total for the lab test $63.05  

In Medicina Cuántica clinic they don't charge for the follow up visit. I paid $40 for my first visit to the doctor. He prescribed physical therapy. $170 -  nine sessions, plus he did prescribe pills in addition to physical therapy. I had to take it for five days. Cost $10.70
I have spent $40 (doctor visit) plus $63 (lab tests) plus $170 (9 sessions of physical therapy), plus $10.70 on pills
Total $283.70  
The problems are gone.

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