Thank you for your patronage and your patience, we have been low on oil production recently but things are up and running again. Many of you have written requesting oil and we will now be able to fill your orders. Though patience is still necessary.
We have a couple of new policies so please read this email whether you have ordered from us before or not.
We will no longer be selling oil on consignment, all orders must be paid for before they are shipped. This includes stores.
We have also re-priced our 1 litre size.
We are not at this time providing 2 litre or gallon jar quantities.
Please be aware that the term "litre" is a reference and not exact. The jars we use are technically 250 ml 500ml and 1000 ml, but only if they are filled entirely to the very top of the glass.
To order:
1. Send me your request, how many jars of each size.
1/4 litre 8$
1/2 litre 15$
1 litre 27$

2. Send me the name and phone number of the person who will be picking up the order at the bus terminal or Servientrega. Also what city you live in.
3. I will send you the amount owing plus shipping cost and also discuss shipping options if needed.
4. Make a deposit to
---on request---
5. Send me the deposit number.
6. Orders will be sent out on Tuesdays. 
I will do my best to keep you advised of how long it will be before you receive your orders. At this time of catch-up it may take a little time, making smaller orders for personal use may have a better chance of getting to you sooner.
Thank you for loving the product, sorry for the gap in service we hope to get everyone re-supplied quickly.

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