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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ecuador, people and government, VS other countries. December 2013

I think Ecuador is an unique country and people here are the best I ever saw in my life.
They are not as aggressive and rude as lots of people from the country where I was born, not as passive-aggressive, arrogant and entitled as lots of people from the country where I used to live before moving to Ecuador.
Ecuadorians are very family oriented. In general, they are more mentally stable than people in other "first" world countries - it's my opinion based on observing people in different countries. Some of them steal, if you are not alert, and you have to get used to Ecuadorian "mañana" concept. They have different noise attitude and sometimes they party hard.

The "first" world’s governments killed hundreds of millions of their own subjects in the twentieth century. Ecuador had a few minor military skirmishes, initiated by its neighbors. No juntas, no bloody revolutions, no violent "regime change" in Ecuador for at least last 100 years.

Nowadays, the "first" world governments becoming totalitarian, enforcing cyclone of laws, rules and regulations on its subjects. Ecuador, although going to this direction, still have some break for its people, mostly because implementing and reinforcing the rules takes some effort and, in case of Ecuador, "mañana" and lack of oxygen (in the mountain) help to slow down the process. One can't be too prompt and efficient when there is not not enough oxygen.

 Ecuador has less government control over people's daily life and Ecuadorians are not so quick to report their neighbors to the authorities, whatever reason. I live in association here in Quito, in an apartment, and I have a westie, cute little white dog. I wanted to have a dog, so I did my research and bought my westie. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast and simple in Minneapolis.
In my Minneapolis condo association it's prohibited to have dogs. Even if I would find place where I could keep the dog, in Minneapolis, I would have to buy license for my dog and renew this license every year. It’s the Law. Minneapolis requires dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits to be licensed (Minneapolis Ordinance 64.10 and 65.10). 
If you are not obedient, your neighbors (in US) will call police, city hall, management company, animal control office, whatnot and will make sure that you'll get busted.  

With every passing year, every day, I find more and more reasons to love and cherish Ecuador and Ecuadorians. Frankly, I think, they don't even know how lucky they are.

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