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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Expats in Ecuador forums: English and Russian speaking. Quito, Ecuador. November 2013.

I don't write on expats forums anymore, but I do read them on a regular basis for my amusement.
There are lots of similarities in between  English and Russian speaking Expats forums:
* People on both forums tend to attack each other for different opinion or just because..
* When newcomers (no matter what lanquage they speak) asking questions on forums, they might be lucky and receive a good advice/information. Sometimes, though, advice are given by people who don't even live in Ecuador or Ecuador expats provide such a misinformation (or outdated information) that it's funny to read.
* People have different financial standpoints. I remember in 2006 I asked (on Russian speaking Ecuador expat forum)  - is it possible to buy apartment in Quito for $30K?  I was told that these prices don't exist anymore in Quito and it is impossible. Well, I bought my first condo in Quito for $20K.  I guess we had different criteria for "possible" and "impossible".
* When I read questions that newcomers asking on forums (below), I cringe.
can I have (such and such) business in Ecuador?
or I have kids and I want to move to Ecuador?
or where should I buy real estate in Ecuador? 
Guess what kind of answer they usually receive. Most likely strangers on forums would tell you - no, you cannot do it. It is expensive, it is complicated, the market is saturated, the prices are up, and so on
I know expats (Russian and English speaking) who built successful businesses in Ecuador, some of them arrived here with not much $$$ in their pocket, I know women ((Russian and English speaking) who came to Ecuador solo, no resources, with kids and strived,  I know expats with good paying jobs (Russian and English speaking) here in Ecuador. All of them have something in common - they came to Ecuador and they accomplished it - better life for themselves, without asking a stranger's opinion.

I also have heard about expats, again English and Russian speaking, who arrived to Ecuador with substantial amount of money and lost it due to bad investments.

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