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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Buying condos in Quito, Ecuador. Part three. October 2013.

Real estate prices in Quito, Ecuador, gone up substantially since 2006 (when I started to visit Ecuador). For example, in 2007 I bought 2br/1ba, 4th floor (nice view) condo in Centro Historico for $20K. In 2011 another norteamericano bought 3br/1ba, 2nd floor(no city view) condo in our conjunto (association) for $40K.
 Still, if you have money, it makes sense to buy place, condo or house, here in Ecuador, because
1) property tax in Ecuador is one-tenth of US property tax.
2) association fees are much less (unless you manage to buy property in certain areas).
3) No air-conditioning (in the mountains), no heating required, utilities are cheaper than in US.
4) Ecuador bureaucracy is not as intrusive(yet) as in US, there are much less rules in Ecuadorian conjunto (unless you buy property in gringo community) and it is easier to rent your place out.   

Buying condos in Quito, Ecuador. Part two

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
We have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath totally remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
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