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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dentist in Quito. Cost of dental work in Quito, Ecuador. September 2013.

From Expat Exchange forum
Last month I asked for a referral from this site for a good dentist in Quito while I was visiting. I got a referral for the best dentist I’ve ever had in my life, Dr. Ruben Barona. I and my family have a history of bad teeth so I have spent a great deal of time in a dentist's chair. Dr. Barona is the most patient and perfection driven dentist I’ve ever seen, far and above any American or European dentist, and he is very, very reasonably priced.
Dr. Barona had an implant specialist come in and perform a double implant with a 3 tooth bridge. He then did 6 crowns on top using the most state of the art materials, called zarconia, which uses no metal for those people who feel that there is a long range health issue with metal in your mouth. At the same time he surgically balanced the upper gum line to make it more symmetric.
He then did 5 vainer composites on the lower front teeth to cover the roots that had been exposed after 63 years of brushing my teeth too hard. Then, for my family, he replaced 2 old fillings as well as cleaned my two 4 year old twins teeth as well as did a fluoride treatment on the both of them.
In the US it would have been somewhere between $15,000 and $18,000 for the same work. I know because I have check with several dentists.
My total cost.... just $4,900...really that is it. Now I am not bragging about the price, although it was GREAT to say the least. But Dr. Barona’s workmanship was absolutely outstanding. I’ve never had a smile so good!
So if you are visiting Quito and you need some dental work done, get in touch with Dr. Ruben Barona. He is not only great, and reasonably priced but fast. I was able to complete everything, except the final bridge on the implants, within 2 weeks. It takes 6 months to heal. Also, he and all of his top notch staff speak very good English so there will be no confusion about what will be done or the cost. He really caters to expats.
So contact Dr. Ruben Barona, Office Phone (593-2) 227-7450 or his cellular phone number is 0999244881. His address is Checoeslovaquia E9-72 y Suiza, Quito, Ecuador.
Also, his email is
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