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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life in Ecuador is more easy going than in the "First World" countries. August 2013.

While riding buses recently I was thinking that a lot of what I see in a Quito would be prohibited in US.
On the bus you can see performers sing (and collecting money), venders sell stuff, candy and snacks, occasionally people ask for money to treat their medical problem. It's up to you to buy or not to buy, to give money or not to give - these people are not aggressive.
Mothers openly breastfeed on the bus, its accepted and nobody cares, one time I saw young guys sitting on the bus stairs - bus was moving and its door was open. There is stretch about 10 -15 blocks where bus (I usually take) rides with its door open, because it stops every block during this stretch.
At the busy street intersections you can watch young people do circus numbers: juggling, playing with fire, walking on their hands, etc. Vendors sell their wires on the streets - newspapers, fruits, snacks, bottled drinks, knick knacks.
Trucks often ride with bunch of people of all ages (and dogs sometimes) in the truck's cargo area.
Some establishments are content to have dogs or cats (or both) curl under a table or in a chair. Others are not.
In the parks people drink liquor/beer they brought without fear of prosecution. They even can stay in the park after dark without breaking the rules!
At night, at the end of my street (and at many other streets in Quito), vendors get their grills (parilladas) out, grill meat, veggies and sell it cheap. Imagine that in the "first world" country!

People in Quito are less patronized by the authorities. As a result life here is much more easy going.



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