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Monday, August 26, 2013

Ecuador: NO MORE AMERICANS PLEASE !!!! Part two. August 2013.

This(link below) was posted by some young Ecuadorian in a English speaking forum for expats (and deleted by admin promptly):

My comment:
There is a war against the white productive population in practically every country where they live. Who is the aggressor? Their own rulers. It started in the beginning of 20th century and escalated in 21th.
In the country I was born it was combined physical and economic terror by rulers against the population they rule, plus revolution and endless wars.
In my second country it's mainly economic terror: imposing endless rules and regulations to make life of productive people miserable, de-regulations of the financial system so The System can rob productive people in many different ways and last, but not least, destruction of the currency. On top of all of this, the military and special secret services engaged in destruction of fare away lands, stirring hate and spending money of productive people.
In a cute little countries of Europe it (the destruction) was done with European "elegance". They simply opened their borders to people of different races en masse. Plus, of course, they (European rulers) employed trusty terror tactics (heavy taxation, overregulation, destruction of currency, deregulation of financial system, etc). It works like a charm.

 So, we have some white population who realized what is going on, or they just simply cannot exist in  their homeland anymore, where their life, as they still remember, destroyed by all mentioned above.  And some of them moving to Ecuador.
Addressing your complaint  -  tough luck my "young friends" from Cuenca, there are a lots of your people who live in both of my ex-countries(and many other countries) and they use resources and advantages (whatever left) in these countries. Consider our arrival as a "natural exchange". Some of us don't have anywhere else to run, so here we are in Ecuador. Get used to this and stop playing the Blame Game!

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