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Friday, May 3, 2013

Public Transportation in Quito, Ecuador versus Minneapolis MN. Buses. May 2013.

I start with the price. Bus ride in Minneapolis MN cost from $1.75 to $3.50. Bus ride in Quito is only a quarter, 25 cents. In Quito, there are cashiers on a bus and at every trolley stop. They will give you change if you don't have exact amount for your ride. In Minneapolis you must have right amount for your ride, bus pass or else...
In Quito it is allowed to sell stuff, beg for money on a bus. Imagine that in Mnpls.
In Minneapolis with an exception of passengers who ride bus in a rush hour to go from their suburbs to Downtown Mnpls (to work) and back, lots of passengers look like eyesores, painful to watch, some of them (significant amount) are mentally ill. In Quito passengers have normal or close to normal BMI, dress presentable and very seldom I see mentally ill person on a bus in Quito. I do remember quite a few of them while riding a bus in Minneapolis.
Parents with kids, from toddlers to teenagers, ride bus in Quito, a lot. School age kids ride bus alone. Ecuadorian children usually behave on a bus. They don't have much(or at all) gadgets to occupy them, never less they are reasonably quiet. Kids in US are almost outlawed when they are by themselves in public spaces.
In Minneapolis you are not likely to be robbed on a bus but you have chance to be a victim of the bus stop robbery,example -
In Quito while riding bus, if you are not careful, "they" would "work" on you and it is very possible that you will be robbed on a bus.  Quito bus thieves not as good as in Rome, Italy, for example, but still they are professionals.
I ride buses/trolley in Ecuador(mostly in Quito) from 2006 and I had two accidents, first time my purse was slashed, nothing was taken from it, but it was my favorite purse! Second time, my cell phone was stolen on a bus. Since then I only wear cross body purses.

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