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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Difference in public transportation in between Minneapolis MN, USA and Quito, Ecuador. Taxis. May 2013.

If you don't like riding bus in Quito, there are always taxis, almost everywhere, almost all day and night. In Quito you can hail a cab on streets, go to a taxicab stand, or call a taxi company - if they have units, waiting time is short, from one-two minutes to ten-fifteen minutes. At night it's good idea to call taxi services to reduce the risk of mistreatment.

There are not cabs available on the streets of Minneapolis, only very few taxicab stands in downtown, you cannot flag down cabs even if it drives by empty, it is not going to stop for you and it's not quick and easy to call a taxi either.

Price comparison: in Minneapolis it costs $3.50 to get into the cab, in Quito it costs 35 cents. In Mnpls it costs about $1.75 for every 45 seconds of a taxi ride. In Quito it is about $2.50 - $3 for 15 min taxi ride, which is about 17 - 20 cents per minute.

In Quito you can have "bad apple" cab driver, there were cases of drivers calling their accomplices and robbing, mistreating passengers, although very seldom.   

My experience with Quito cab drivers is almost always positive, when we lived in Centro Historico we had problem that taxi drivers sometimes didn't want to drive us there. One time when taxi driver heard me and my girlfriend talking Russian he asked us to leave his car. 

In Quito you have to be alert, cannot relax much when you are on a bus or in a taxi. I still prefer Quito's public transportation to Minneapolis'.

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