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Monday, May 13, 2013

Cost of shoe repair. Quito, Ecuador. May 2013.

When I lived in Minneapolis I'd just go to the store and buy new ones if my shoes or boots wear out . Not so fast in Quito. Here  it is "mission impossible" to find shoes (that I like and  can wear) in my size. Let alone it would be much more expensive than in Minneapolis.
So, I had to get acquainted with shoe repair shops. There are at least three of them in my neighborhood but I don't like little shops because their level of service is uneven and they see gringa and give me a higher price. I prefer chain shops, you can find them in every shopping mall. They are more expensive than neighborhood shops but their prices are the same for everybody.
My favorite Clarks mules worn out recently, so I went to the "Heel Quik" shoe repair shop at El Condado. To have the insoles replaced (nice leather ones - plantilla cuero) - $6.80
To replace worn down heel top piece (tapas) - $4.35. Not too bad - as they say in Minnesota.

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