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Monday, April 8, 2013

Crime in Ecuador. April 2013.

There are buzz on Ecuador expats forums, English and Russian speaking, about marks made by thieves & burglars in front of the house they want to rob.
Our conjunto's administration bought plastic chairs for the communal room and they were stolen next day (in March 2013). The thieves went thru fence, broke window and took these chairs. It was a catalyst to put an electric fence around conjunto.  I didn't see any marks though.
There are 20 units in our conjunto, eight - two bedroom and 12 - three bedrooms. The electric fence cost us $1272. It took one week to install it and it is running 24 hours per day now. I wonder what our communal electrical bill would be next month. Usually our electrical bill for the public areas is between $8 - $11 per month.

No gated community is gated enough here in Ecuador!

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