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Friday, April 5, 2013

About obtaining legal residence in Ecuador. April 2013.

Before 2011 it made sense to get a lawyer: it used to be that you give lawyer all paperwork and in 3-6 months receive your approval for the permanent residency visa  without personally going to the bureaucratic offices.
In 2011 they (bureaucratic system) made all interactions with them "tramite personal", meaning that you have to be present at almost every step in the process.
Hiring lawyers doesn't make sense anymore, although some people still do it. Now it makes sense to hire visa facilitator. He/she is much cheaper and still would help navigating offices and translating, if your Spanish is not sufficient.

You have to prepare your paperwork very carefully in advance, before coming to Ecuador). Here is the post from my blog about it

Never ever give your original apostilled translations or your passport to anyone, including your visa facilitator or government offices. They might lose it, happens often here in Ecuador, and you have to go to your home state/country and do it all over again. Another possibility, you might need translations of your documents for some other business with the Ecuadorian government and if you gave it away, they are gone, the bureaucracy not going to give it back to you or use it for other "tramite". 

As soon as you are in Ecuador make color and b/w copies of the translated/apostilled docs, notarize them and give it  to your visa facilitator or lawyer for your visa process.

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