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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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I am a visa facilitator here in Ecuador. You cannot get a resident visa at a consulate outside the country. It must be applied for in Ecuador. Consulates are notorious for giving incorrect information on the resident visas because they are not involved in processing them.
This is what you need for a pension visa.
1)Letter in Spanish requesting the visa
2) Application for the visa
3) Apostilled copy of your Social security statement showing that you receive at least $800 a month with an additional $100 per month for each dependent. (I recommend certifying it at the Ecuadorian consulate as well), translated.
4) Moviemiento migratorio, which is a document from the Immigration police here in Ecuador showing your exits and entries from the country.
5) Criminal background check from your home state/province which has been translated and apostilled.
6) Color copy of the picture page of your passport, notarized in Ecuador
7) Copy of the current visa in your passport, notarized in Ecuador
8) Copy of your entry stamp into the country from your passport, notarized in Ecuador

That is for the visa which what allows you to be in the country legally
The cedula is an ID card. You can apply for it once you receive your visa. To get it, you need

1)The document you receive when your visa is approved allowing you to get a cedula.
2) Notarized copy of the new visa in your passport
3) Apostilled birth certificate that has been translated, copied and notarized in Ecuador

**if the birth certificate does not contain the birthplace of your parents, you will need to get a notarized affidavit in Ecuador, stating where your parents were born.

4) Proof of marital status. If you are married, then an apostilled, translated marriage license, copied and notarized in Ecuador. If you are divorced, an apostilled, translated divorce certificate, copied and notarized in Ecuador. If single, and never married, then an apostilled statement from a government agency at home such as the Secretary of State, translated, copied and notarized in Ecuador ***OR*** you can get a notarized affidavit made here in Ecuador, stating that you are single
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Visa facilitator here in Quito - Joseph Guznay, he speaks English. One of my renters used his services and highly recommended this guy.
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