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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do you need to adapt and change your mind-set because you live in Ecuador now? March 2013

I am allergic to salsa and here I am living in a salsa country. Lots of expats think that you have to change and adapt when you are in another country. May be to a degree and it depends on your age and how you make your living. When I came to US, I adapted and changed for my family survival.
Here in Ecuador I created lifestyle that I like. I dance tango and swing in a salsa country, both literally and figuratively.
It is a hard to find a balance to be yourself and accept that it is "their" country and "their" customs and somehow (although often I wonder how?) it works for "them" and even, overall, works better than in the "first world" countries. This is why we are here, right?

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