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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cost of living in Quito. Update on farmer market Ofelia prices in Quito, Ecuador. March 2013.

I walked to the farmer's market this afternoon with $20 in my packet. I spent $13 and here is my bounty:
30 eggs              $3.50
one pineapple    $1
three middle size papayas           $2
two pounds of black tart grapes   $2.50
14 apples                                      $3
more than one kilo of small sweet tomatoes   50 cents
four red sweet peppers, middle size                50 cents
Total $13

All fruits and veggies that I bought were Ecuadorian grown.
If you do your shopping in supermarkets only, your grocery bill will be high, not as high as in US, but close enough.

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