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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Services we use: excellent hairstylist in Quito. February 2013.

One Russian family moved to Quito in January 2012 and the wife, her name is Lina, is a fabulous hairdresser. She works at a high-end salon now. She does an awesome work cutting, styling and most important, coloring my hair the proper way, evenly and with nice highlights. Lina is way above others stylists that I tried in Quito. Lina's haircuts for men is amazing as well.
I bounced around to different hairstylists in Quito and none of them could do good color, they did coloring in patches, not evenly. They were professionals, working in salons, but still couldn't distribute the colour properly.
I personally don't like to go to the salons, so I invite Lina to do my hair at my house. I pay $15 for the haircut and few dollars for coming over. A man's haircut is $5 -$10, depending on a person's hair type.
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