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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Russians and friends in Quito - Peña dedicada al Día Internacional de la mujer. March 8, 2013.

Association of russian residents in Ecuador ZEMLIAKI  and association of Ecuadorian - Russian friendship (ASAER) invite you to Peña dedicated to International Women's Day.

ZEMLIAKI Asociación de rusos residentes en el Ecuador
ASAER Asociación de la amistad ecuatoriano rusa

Once in a while the Russian community in Quito has a party. Usually a few hundred people attend, some Russian, some Ecuadorian, and some Norteamericanos, like us - lol.
This year party:

At the party Russian cuisine (food) will be for sale, wine, and of course vodka.
There will be a cultural program, discotheque - after few shots of vodka, all of a sudden the dancer in you will awaken!!! 

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