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Friday, February 1, 2013

Difference between Cuenca and Quito. February 2013.

I visited Cuenca for the first time last month in January 2013.
In 2006 when I researched Ecuador, I considered  Centro Historico Quito and Centro Historico Cuenca. In 2006/2007 you could buy an apartment in CH Quito starting from $15K, in CH Cuenca the lowest price I found was $30K.  I only had $25K for my Ecuadorian real estate rendezvous, so the money was the deciding factor.
Here I am, living in Quito for a few years now. 
Quito is panoramic and multicolored. Cuenca is "Lady in Red". Reddish roofs, lots of reddish buildings. It is more mellow and neat than Quito. Beside Centro Historico, houses in Cuenca have more character than in Quito. There are much more trees and green spaces in Cuenca.  In comparison with capital Cuenca doesn't have any traffic. Nevertheless, I was so happy to be back at home.
Quito, I love you with all of my heart!

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