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Monday, February 25, 2013

Customer service in Ecuador. February 2013.

Customer service in Ecuador is polite and friendly, sometimes unbelievable slow, return policies are nonexistent or very strict. You are not in a " The customer is always right" country anymore.
I want to point that I am not complaining. I am stating the facts.

When we were buying furniture, in a reputable, middle price range furniture chain store, our experience were  so nerve-racking, we had to do "beer therapy" right after this transaction. You are walking thru the store, picking the pieces of furniture, asking for prices. Salesperson gives you price #1, you come up to the sales counter, it is price #2 (higher), when they learn that you are paying by the credit card, it is price #3 (higher yet). You can turn around and walk away, they don't care and actually there are nowhere to go: lots of furniture stores in Quito, but only this chain carries style and quality we like.

During last few months I had occasions when it was impossible to ring my purchases in the major department stores. In one case I had one item and nearby cashier had two or three customers, her service were incredibly slow, so I searched for another counter with the cashier. Just when I saw it, all empty and available, the cashier informed me that my item doesn't belong to her department and she cannot process it. I left the item on her counter and out of the store I went to the next one, where I managed to buy what I wanted.  

In another chain department store the cashier wasn't able to ring mine "to be" purchase, it was physically impossible for him, I guess there was problem with barcode or something.  I left after a while without it.

In the chain department stores you can do return, but it is very conditional. First, merchandise have to be unopened and unused, second, you have to return it to the same location where you bought it, third, they give you store credit, usually good for six month and fourth, you have to spend your store credit at once.    

It is kind of paradox, though: In spite of defects of their customer service, shortcomings of their maestro's work, their brutal bureaucracy, widespread thievery, men openly peeing on the streets,  among others unfavorable traits,  it is still a much better country to live than in the other, so called "first world" countries.

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