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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Customer service in Ecuador. Another side of barricades. February 2013.

Part one
From other side I provide customer service as well.
For example - walking tours of Centro Historico Quito. I have to tell you I reject every second potential client. The reason? Some of them want too much.  My tour is very simple and cheap service, few hours, starts in one place, finishes in other. If you just go with the flow of my tour you will be entertained, have fun and interesting, useful info.
Some people write too many emails endlessly asking for more info about tour, info about me, in details. Some people have busy schedule and try to insert my tour in the middle of their already occupied day, others try to dictate me time and places.
People forget they are in the mountains, there is lack of oxygen, you cannot be in a hurry to see much in one day. They forget that they can drop dead, literally, in their advanced age with this excessive activity.  People forget that even in Ecuador, it is bad idea to bother person too much for little money. I mean you can try, but I am not sure you will succeed.

Ecuadorians vendors at one of the Centro Historico markets put a sign saying that they don't sell to the Cubans, because they (Cubans) were too aggressive in  price negotiation (it was on the local TV news).    

Me too, I don't provide customer service to the "Cubans".

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