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Sunday, February 17, 2013

About remodeling in Ecuador. February 2013.

Nothing prepared me to deal with Ecuadorians maestros. I probably should start with their description: they all have tiny stature and their level of work is mediocre at its best.

The first maestro charged me $900 and did work for probably 150-$200, no more. How it might happened you'd ask? He charged me for material (new doors, windows) and when he brought it in, it was incorrect size. He somewhat painted my apartment and did some other small work.

Maestro who re-did the bathroom in CH condo brought some young guy he literally picked up from the street and made him to do the heaviest and dirtiest work. For the day (about 8 hours) of his work, maestro paid the guy $20.

We were sick and tired to live without bathroom for almost a week, so the last day I didn't let them (workers) to leave my apartment until they were done. I bought them lunch and dinner and brought it to the apartment, because when they would go for lunch, they would really take their time, could come back hours later or show up next morning.

There were maestros who never showed up or showed up few hours (or days) later. There were maestros - you initially speak with them and hire them and they would send you someone else to work. My friend from Vilcabamba told me that expensive ceramic tile was installed wrong side up in her kitchen.

I was lucky to have Leo, he did a lots of work in the both condos, but now he is not in a condition to work, so maestros again.

This time I found maestro who was always on time, but when he finished to paint the living room, the old paint was bleeding through. I made him to do three coats of paint in the kitchen and not to water down paint doing bedrooms, but still level of his work was not good.

To live in Ecuador people from different cultures need a lots of patience and philosophical approach: somehow it functions, somehow it is done. If you are a perfectionist you might not survive in Ecuador.

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